Can I have a child?

Hello Mr. Zhang, I have a problem that I want to choose Dink because he can’t raise the children well, but at the same time, I want to have an intimate relationship.

Can I have a child?

I don’t know what to do.

I haven’t heard of anyone choosing Dink because they are afraid of not raising their children well. I haven’t heard of anyone choosing to dink because they are afraid of not raising their children well. Really this is generally the choice to book classes is to say.

I don’t like children, I don’t want to have children this kind of people, people do dink, you are you listen to you this mean is quite like children, I like very much.

You’re just afraid that you can’t educate yourself. Right gave up on dink because listened to a lot of books about education well such as distant families or various aspects of intimacy ah. Motherhood eggs, the whole I have listened to.

Then you listened to it, don’t you think you should have more confidence? No one else has heard of it, and people are giving birth to children. You have listened to this?

Say ah, too difficult not to accept. I really did not think I lecture book has such a tragic negative. The effect is, you know, if you really listen to my book and understand it, you will believe that teaching children is an easy and happy thing.

For example, what I’ve talked about, how do you develop social skills as far as good toys for your kids? Right? Take these two books and understand them without more.

You find that bringing up a child is not difficult at all, the child’s brain is so simple, the child’s brain, as we used to say that whiteboard, he is a whiteboard, waiting for you to draw on it.

You just have to give him love and take care of him.

Then guide him, let him understand the world, give him a tour of the world, even if it is bad even if it is bad. He’s just an average guy, right? He is not so much a criminal.

Why are you worried about that? I’m not worried that I won’t be able to give him love or anything, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to give him the right one. What if I die and he dies?

You have to trust the life force of others, people, people have their own life force, people will grow on their own you you say this I I worry about this, so just do not give you life. Hmm. Then what are you worried about? Choose dink this thing, generally speaking, not because of this reason.

I’ve seen families who chose to dink stay up until they were 45 and had a child, just ahead of all the time we dink we we don’t like children, don’t discuss children with me. The result is that suddenly gave birth to one.

High advanced maternal age gave birth to a. Just he still can not stand the kind of children bring that kind of joy, envy, so you, you do not have a child may be a bit of a pity.

Your problem is that if you have such a mindset, you feel that if something can not do the best, I simply do not do, which is a very scary thing. me. I think my true solution lies in saying. Because my dad is gone, that is, he died in a car accident, and I this thing is something that I still can’t accept.

It’s been three years, and I’m scared. Uh, my kids. Accepting that I’m going to need to come to terms with me, what am I going to do about this thing that I’m going to die? This is probably, it’s a trauma, yeah you haven’t come out of that loss.

This feeling is called loss.

Ah, the loss of a parent, that’s a typical loss. So this may take a while, but you can’t let this cause you to feel that your separation from your child is unacceptable in the future. Ah, it’s making a yea fee time too.

Waiting to get to the bath water, even the child is broken, so there is a book you can read about this emotions, first aid. Emotional First Aid is a book that talks about loss and how to deal with that loss to help you get out of the father thing.

You know, life goes on, otherwise your father gave you so much love, where do you put it? Right, you need to pass that love on. Give it to the next generation of people and then watch him grow up, and the father’s love will come back into the world with that child.

That’s one of the principles of how our whole world is born. You need to pass that love on, and the father’s love will come back into the world with that child.

Read books to light up your life.

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