Do your own parents with children lead to more family conflicts

Hello, I have a child and I just became a father. I have a child who has just become a father, and there are some differences between his parents and me in terms of education. But because I heard the teacher in Van say that the words of the parents can not actually be taught or how, but I do not know.

Do your own parents with children lead to more family conflicts

There is a method of what this?

But I also introduced them to listen, anyway, reading this thing, but they are still slowly, because they. Uh, culture may only elementary school level, so the words is. Uh, not very fast people accept, but may also be trying, but there will still be some conflict well.

So this aspect, first of all, you have to know that conflict should not be a bad trigger, conflict should be an opportunity for our family to learn. And then, if you want to guide your parents to learn something that you can use first, start by criticizing yourself.

Let’s watch a lesson together, I think it helped me a lot. Take him a piece of it, you don’t feel like saying dad look you can’t even talk to your child, show you a lesson and listen to it. This feeling is completely different.

So you are more from the perspective of changing yourself, criticize yourself, take the whole family to build a learning family atmosphere, that slowly will change another point is the parents. Originally they are not very educated, with you in Shanghai so with the children, his pressure is also very big.

so you have to find more of his strengths, parents are the same to be driven by the strengths. For example, you, you and your wife always find when they say the wrong thing.

Then he gets more and more nervous, more and more nervous, even afraid to speak, or say forget it, I’m like this, I’m not going to change, you see he gets angry, you have to find out more when he says the conversation.

Find that he has patience, find that he reacts emotionally, find that the child is dealing well, and then affirm him, and then he will know that there is confidence, it turns out that he can change.

In fact, many times with children need to be patient and method.

parents with their own parents, so sometimes speak with their own temper, so that parents are sometimes tied up, do not know how to bring children, in fact, they have their own way and method, as long as the timely correction of some of the behavior and habits of children, and more communication with parents, children will also be quite good with The children will not be too worried.

Never feel that people with a low level of education can not learn I once in. I once gave a speech in Jining, Shandong Province, and then there was an old lady. 80 years old, from Tai’an to Jining by high-speed train to participate in my activities, and then we both met at the high-speed train station.

the old lady was particularly enthusiastic to pull my hand, he said he did not know a word. He was learning how to bring up his grandchildren by being able to read in plain English.

Then the relationship with the whole family to get better. Now it has become the whole family, and this is such a role that everyone likes him very much.

He used to quarrel all the time because the old lady was uneducated and used to shout and quarrel with everyone, but now he has become very good. He expressed his gratitude to me. He said, “I can understand what you say. 80-year-old woman, no culture can do it, okay?

Well thank you. Read books to light up your life.

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