How parents can make up for missing their children’s formative years from 0-3 years old

I have a question that I really want to ask. I was married at 27, then this year 35 years old three years ago I called the child, I was having anxiety before I had a child I was thinking about the birth of this child. Whether my personal experience will be able to give my child a better education, and then found that in the past three years.

How parents can make up for missing their children’s formative years from 0-3 years old

I do not know my son.

This whole process of growing up, what have I done in the end? And then I have now also been anxious about the next three years, because I heard you 0-6 years old is very important, these three years teacher you tell tell me what I should see again.

This problem is easy to solve, is the three things that I just said, right? Hey. And then the sense of value and a lifelong growth mindset, if you can implant these three things into the child through your interaction with them, then there is no problem.

The biggest problem you have is why you are so anxious, and this is the most important problem you need to solve behind this problem. It is reasonable to say that a father is going to have a child at the age of 32, which is a wonderful thing in itself, and it is normal for people to have anxiety.

It’s normal for people to be anxious, right? Because if a person is not anxious at all about something so big before having a child, it proves that you don’t care about it. You’re probably not a competent father. But if all one has left is anxiety.

Like you just said, I was anxious at that time, but after three years I realized that I did nothing, I only replaced my work with anxiety, which is not right. So what you need to reflect on is moderation. What do you mean by moderate anxiety?

Moderate anxiety brings attention, but not pain. He did not make me particularly painful, and then you need to relieve anxiety by doing something.

I was also a father at that time, and I was so anxious before that I thought I couldn’t even teach a dog.

So I went and bought a lot of books on parenting, and after I finished those books, I became very sure in my mind that I knew how a child grows up.

So I used the emotional guidance method to teach my children, and then put in step by step to do it, you will find that the more you do it, the happier and more relaxed you are.

Because you are not stuck tightly on the anxiety thing, you represent a large group of people behind this problem. We have a large group of people on this collection whose approach is to stay only on the anxiety thing.

It seems to think that I’m anxious enough, I’m anxious enough, it seems that I’ve paid the price, I’ve made a lot of effort, my effort is anxiety. But in reality, anxiety is just standing still, and anxiety is not moving forward.

The most effective way to curb anxiety is to do things and see your progress at the same time. You should be able to see your progress too. I believe you have become a different person in the past three years, otherwise you would not have joined our team to promote knowledge, right?

But why do you still like to criticize yourself so much?

Or do you continue to be anxious about things that will not happen in the next three years? You need to reflect on your relationship with your mom and dad.

Right you your mom probably scolded you more or your dad scolded you more. Is there? Yes there is, that’s basically what this is, because because of being so powerfully oppressed for so long, it causes him.

Formed a self-critical habit, this habit if not eradicated, later you do a good job, you will still be constantly anxious? So we have to learn to live in harmony with anxiety.

The first sentence, learn to live in harmony with anxiety, know that anxiety is not a purely bad thing, there are benefits, and then do things to curb our anxiety process.

After doing something, see more of your own progress, so you can live more and more easily, happily and comfortably, and know that learning is useful. Okay teacher, thank you hello. Thanks for reading to light up your life.

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