How to calm the emotions of the first baby when the second baby is born

hello, hello teacher, I want to consult you on this issue of parenting, well, I have two sons, my younger son is only four months old now, and then.

How to calm the emotions of the first baby when the second baby is born

I found that my older son has changed a lot during the time my younger son was born, and once we both communicated quite well, and then since.

After having this brother, my son feels that all of a sudden he has become smaller, and now he needs to let people help him to do everything especially sticky mom.

Because the mother also has to take care of the little brother, and then he feels especially aggrieved. Then I saw that after I tried to communicate with him he especially refused, and then.

I always have some unpleasant conflicts with me, either is locked me out of the door, or is anyway does not want to communicate with me, and then I am. Only with is not talking, or wait until he has time to communicate with me.

But I find that I can’t always wait for such a time, and such a time I don’t know how I can do better, teacher. Did you guys ever do this kind of counseling work for him before you had the baby, did it before and then also talked to him about it, that is.

Well, to bring you a little brother or sister to this family to have more people to love you. He answered quite well before, and then also also communicate with him is also good, this is a set of processes.

There is a psychologist who told me that before you have a child you have to tell him, you say, hey, mommy and daddy love you very much, right? And because you’re doing so well, we’re going to give you a gift. What gift?

He’s been with you longer than we have, a brother or sister to you.

Then, as this baby in your belly gets bigger and bigger, you get him involved, let him take care of him, to touch, just listen to your brother’s heartbeat ah. This way.

Then wait until the day you want to have a baby to prepare two gifts. One gift is for the little one, one gift is for the big one, give both gifts to the big child.

Then tell him that this is to congratulate you on becoming a brother, you have become a brother today, this is for us to welcome the brother, then you are responsible for welcoming him, and then take him to the hospital with the two gifts together.

Then when you see the brother, let him give the gift to the brother and say welcome to our family, that’s the moment, the link between the two children will be established. And it will allow him to feel that having a little brother is a joy because he got a very memorable gift. Uh, of course, that’s the ideal state, is that we all know these things and we’ll go about this and this child will have a smoother transition.

If we can’t do that, I, it’s over and done with, then the way we can do that is. Always try to take care of both emotions. It is to let the oldest, because the oldest often feel that the family are busy, the youngest well, the youngest thing more well, he is busy busy busy everyone ignore him.

You know, many of our Chinese relatives go to see the children when very bad. Go is to see the youngest, see the youngest see the oldest sitting in the doorway and say, hey, you finished you, hey, now do not want you, you see it, come with me, come with me on the old so. He scares the kid.

Just he thought it was funny to joke around with that kid.

But in fact, these things will give this child a lot of psychological shadow, feel that after having a brother others will take me to other families, is that kind of tension. So to communicate with these relatives, say you want to come home do not say such things or someone said such things, immediately stop him, and then go to calm the older children.

This is when the family will feel that the older child is not neglected. Another way is to get him to participate in the activity of taking care of his brother, because children are willing to help. Children, you have to talk to him like this, you say come to help mommy do something?

That’s not right. If you talk like that, the child will say, “I’m not going, I’m not doing it,” right? Willing to be a helper to mommy or not. Right, you see. Nouns are much better than verbs. So, these are some of the tips that we use to communicate with our kids, to get them involved, to make them feel that sense of accomplishment that comes from taking care of their younger siblings, and then the parents have to give them timely secondary feedback.

All the same, it’s a phase, and this phase can certainly pass, it won’t take particularly long, then. As long as you handle the situation properly, not proper what? It is the whole family tried to do this thing a, trouble.

When the whole family sees this emotion or this problem as a problem, well, this child knows that this method is the easiest way to get your attention. Then he keeps trying this method, keep trying this method, make this thing become unstoppable ah, so we do not regard it as trouble, do not feel anxious, but more to find the bright spot.

More encouragement, affirmation to shape his behavior, to express his gratitude, this time the child more easily out of this anxiety period. Then he can obviously feel that his parents love his brother as much as they do him.

You can buy some gifts to make him happy, because the child is now very lost, right? It is to make him feel that he enjoys the love of his parents as much as his brother. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for reading to brighten up your life.

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