How to deal with the problem of two children fighting for each other’s favor

Just in time and Mr. Deng I have a question, first of all I would like to introduce myself, I am a father of two children. I have a boy and a girl.

How to deal with the problem of two children fighting for each other’s favor

And I’m troubled, Boys and girls are taught differently.

The father is generally more close to the girl, the son will be jealous, with the son and good, right, the daughter is not too happy, I am very troubled, but also want you to introduce me to a book or a few books. Then can I put them both bad control down.

Oh, or nurture up, you this word ah reveals the problems of your heart. Psychology says there is no such thing as a slip of the tongue, a person’s slip of the tongue represents all the inner thoughts. So your desire to control is too strong, you want your child to develop in the direction you have set.

So then, it leads you to think that the child pampered child said dad you biased right? This kind of thing you think this should be put out of his mind. In fact, I can guess ha, because like you so kind and affectionate father.

Your son and daughter should be healthy and okay, right? They should be happy and resourceful, right? But… Our fathers and mothers are not able to enjoy this state. We say, even though they are good at everything else, they still fight a lot.

But they still fight a lot, they still fight a lot, they still fight a lot, because your eyes are only on the flaws and the mistakes. Only focus on the risk causes you can not enjoy your life, so no need to recommend any other book to get it again.

There is an ancient Chinese saying that is particularly true, called a serious book, know what it means? There is a book eaten through is enough, you see, like I took the child Analects. It’s done, or you are the best toy for children, a book is enough.

This ancient man Zhao Pu said half step Analects to the world.

You really have one or two sentences in the Analects of Confucius you you lifelong Mo send, always in the heart constantly read enough, for example, you read a sentence, do not relent to anger not two fault.

Learn this phrase, you find that your relationship with anyone has become better. We are often angry with our children because we are angry with them. There’s no need to pick a fight in life. We have a life to enjoy it.

Instead of constantly picking bones in this life and saying it should be better, it’s because you don’t feel you deserve to live a happy life. Me. I’m quite happy to be quite happy. But you. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible solution to the problem.

The fact is that there are not that many conflicts between children. Right, you have to recommend a few books it, I recently prefer one that can unify the world, a book that teaches to educate children is the courage to not discipline. Good good good you learn.

You learn the courage not to discipline. You need to know that the core logic of that book is not non-discipline. Whatever the courage to call it sounds like a bad parent doesn’t care. It’s not. The core of the courage to ignore is that you need to know that every child grows, ultimately.

It must be through his own self-awareness.

It’s only when he realizes that his life is built by his own control of learning that you can do without discipline. And how this thing is built, you need to be patient.

You need to love, you need to find the bright spots, you need to express gratitude enough to your child, so who has two kids who haven’t had a fight impossible.

Right, my sister and I are eight years apart and we still fight, so there’s no such thing as not fighting, there’s bound to be conflicts, there’s bound to be all kinds of such problems.

But we have to be content with this status quo and enjoy him like him. Solve this problem, your life will be more than a little bit better, will be lit up a lot, you know? Ha ha ha.

OK, well, thank you thank you. Read the book to light up life.

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