How to Dealt with Couples’ Disagreements on Raising Children

Hello, Mr. Zhang, I have a question about family relationships, I heard someone say that the prerequisite for educating children well is a good family relationship is well and the relationship between husband and wife to be more important than.

How to Dealt with Couples’ Disagreements on Raising Children

The parent-child relationship is more important.

Well, we often argue over parenting issues, are feeling child-centered, my husband is often very anxious ah, often pick some small problems, I think not.

What is the child’s big problem, he is also very anxious, I behaved to appease him, how old is the child? The child is six years old child now have any performance on the body? The father of this anxiety in the child has no reaction reaction out?

I think it is not a very serious problem, for example, he occasionally wets the bed he will also be very anxious, said the child is not a problem? Do you want to see a doctor? Sometimes there are children with rhinitis and then he will.

Always check those rhinitis problems, said is not a phenomenon, skin hypertrophy, to do surgery ah? Think too much ha this dad. Probably insecurity, I also have a little bit, but did not see the obvious, this problem is very common ah, is a large number of families are living, child-centered.

Then actually you know the thing that gives the child the greatest sense of security is the parents, having a life of their own, that is, the parents have their own pursuits, and then the parents’ life? In the child’s opinion, it is great, then the child will be full of hope in life. So here, I think there are a few books that might be able to help you.

Mr. Ha, is your husband a user of Fannen Reading? No, I have recommended several times he does not want you. You can find the opportunity to put a book with him a piece, while driving a car. In that case, then listen to it ah, maybe it will help him. He does not know that he has these problems actually have the knowledge to solve.

So he will think you do not listen, those things are useless ha, in fact, you have to listen to know whether it is useful. There’s a book called Your Survival Instincts Are Killing You. That book tells us from a physiological point of view, from a genetic point of view.

Why do people get so anxious about their children?

Just practically a child. All people who study education know that the more anxiously you focus your attention on a child. The more detrimental to the growth of this child, is because our primitive body of the subjective nature is still in, people from the primitive society to rely on anxiety, is constantly worried every day.

Something happened to the flash flood, the tiger came all kinds of things appear. The old tension, so this thing has never been solved today, so he has to understand the source of his anxiety, he can know that this anxiety is actually too much.

It’s not right, right? Then slowly adjust this education method, if a parent treats with anxiety every day. Then the child never know where he should go, he can only follow your baton you push a little, move a little, which is a very painful thing.

To achieve this? I think you can talk to you. Sir, have a key conversation, there is a book called key conversation, you use the logical steps in key conversation. Talk to your mister, you want to shape common goals with him, not just open your mouth and argue. Arguing means we’re not shaping a common goal at all.

We both want to make this family better, right? When you have a bad temper, you apologize first, right? I’m sorry, I may not have phrased it right. Then let me rephrase it like this to maintain a good atmosphere of conversation, so that your husband can see that you have changed as a person after reading so much, and he can believe in reading.

The reason he doesn’t believe your recommendation is because he thinks you’ve read so much anyway, you haven’t changed much, and you’re spending our family’s money for nothing, right? Think of it in another way, that is.

Even if your husband can not change.

You can also change it. You can first become a little more relaxed yourself. There is one person at home who is so worried enough, and then you can be happy to go to do their own thing, right?

Happy to run your life better. So the longest path for all people to change the world. The shortest path to change the world is by changing yourself. Right, so if you yourself are relaxed and changed, your children and your husband will be able to perceive it.

This is where we say three layers. Different logic of the solution, you can try them all if you will, okay? Thank you all, want to read and light up your life.

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