How to get rid of mom’s nagging

Mr. Zhang, I have a question, because now work will be busy, busy well usually work pressure is also relatively large.

How to get rid of mom’s nagging

And my parents and I don’t live together.

So, I have a problem, that is, my mother will be very, very, very concerned about me, we young people may need to want some private space, and then she will. I’ve got a lot of social media accounts.

This account, such as microblogging ah or WeChat, and a variety of people are pushed to go. The whole team followed all over again, and then he would also follow all my friends’ microblogs, so sometimes.

It is when you communicate with him, you will. To be annoyed, even some impatience. There will be some problems, but later again and again will be a little regret, think their attitude may not be very good, how, but indeed sometimes work will be very busy.

The problem is, what kind of communication pattern did you have with your mother when you were a child? My mother is still a particularly gentle person, and then she was a hundred hundred obedient to me as a child she was not strict, I want to do almost anything he he can basically meet me.

Does he control you? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. It is to say to me you have time to go to the library to stay, and then the results of the next graduation, and then said, alas, you can find a boyfriend, but do not know where to find a lot of parents is so miserable.

It is inexplicable that the rules of the university is not allowed to fall in love, the university does not fall in love where to talk? The probability of being cheated in social forums is particularly high. The possibility of talking inside the university is very high, right?

The chances of meeting a good person are much better.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a couple of days to get a lot more than just a couple of days. So, Chinese parents should start 20 years earlier, plainly can study much better, we can only adjust their own mentality.

It is you, you can’t get your mother to say you you I cut off mother-daughter relations with you. You do not want that, that does not work, you treat him as a pleasure. As a pleasure to see, is that I have a mother, is my invisible patron saint. Right?

It’s good to be like that at all times, just in case you really need to ask for help one day. Your mom suddenly blows up in your face, right? He would have been monitoring you remotely long ago.

But sometimes I see my friend’s mother is what they do are particularly relieved, for example, he wants to he wants to go out to travel. Ugh, his mother said, ugh, you go, you go straight to it, just do not ask anything.

When I heard such things around, I felt particularly envious. This will be particularly relieved you, and then not too much is too much nagging, because we are now also also grown up well, you can only talk to your mother. It is more gentle.

The more calm, because shouting will cause more harm, and then your mother a cry, you will feel guilty. Moms are most likely to use guilt to control their daughters. Because mothers generally do not control their sons, is for the son?

He’s not as familiar with the boy’s world. He will not project his goals on a boy, he will want to project his goals on you, hoping that you can live the way he did not live, this will lead to this girl’s life.

Often will be filled with guilt.

Often torn between guilt and crankiness, close enough to be cranky, far enough away to be guilty, that’s all, so you both have to face the matter head on. You have to discuss this with him, turn on the phone with him and listen to Mother Love Beat.

Ah, after listening to that book then, then you discuss with him and say, mom, look, this will cause so much stress to your daughter, can we keep a more good one.

The space and distance I also regularly report to you, right, we also often see each other, happy, but you other behind the old monitoring me. It’s all about talking, discussing, negotiating, the bottom line, and you see it as a way to express love that we can’t. Change parents, we do not have to make such an effort.

At most, we can influence a little bit, and then a lot of the rest of the work on ourselves. It’s all about making a change in yourself. My dad was sent from heaven to fix me.

It is I especially want to change my dad, but the only thing I can do is huh you just have to huh dad just like that. Talk to my sister two people, we vent to each other even, because you can’t you do this to me, I can’t accept I give you a spell that so in the end to me to practice a special good temper.

The first thing you can do is to use him as a tool to train yourself, and then your mother will want to help you on this journey, right? Just refine you to be a better communicator with people. Okay? Okay, thanks thanks. Read books to light up your life.

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