How to help self-abusing students in the class

I am a teacher, two days ago a student abused himself, and then I later found out that he was raised in a single-parent family.

How to help self-abusing students in the class

Almost every class in our school has about 1/3 of such children, that is, left-behind children, or children raised in single-parent families.

I know they are no different from other children, but as a teacher, I would like to help them. Then I think I can tell him that although his parents do not live together. But the love for you is still not less, but I think in addition to um so say me the rest I really do not know how to do um please anti to teacher help.

Mom, I thank ah question first. We have to keep emphasizing to this society that single parent families are not the problem. Why? Because if you emphasize all day long that single-parent families are a very important cause of the time will create a lot of psychological burden on a large number of children.

The children and the families are psychologically burdened because you know the divorce rate is very high. The divorce rate is very high, so there must be a lot of single-parent families. If you turn around and look at history, you will find that many of the great men in our history were single-parent families.

Confucius was a single parent. Mencius was a single-parent family, Wang Yangming was a single-parent family, right? All of these great people came from single-parent families. So there is no evidence that single-parent families are necessarily what they are, not because they lack love?

A family where both parents are present, the child will also lack love. A large number of parents have both parents of this family, the child self-abuse is also there. You should not think that he is in pain he does not feel pain, he needs to feel, the feeling of pain will give him pleasure there is a book you have read, called the body has never forgotten.

Read the book on you to the body never forget that book to read, you understand why a person will self-abuse, his heart must be very much pain.

There is very much sadness, despair, hurt such feelings, so this time he needs is dialogue, chat, love, encouragement. Be patient, because such a child can easily rebel. You are good to him, he may also rebel, he may do some repeated behavior, you can go to see a one by one movie, this movie may be helpful to your current situation.

It’s called Mending Hands. Mending Hands is about how a professor helps a very rebellious child to slowly come back to the right track. Apart from giving him love and care, and waiting patiently, there is really no other effective medicine we can do.

At this point, the teacher can play a role no less than a parent. My mother was my mother when I was a child, when she was a teacher. Then, I was still in elementary school at that time. There was a student in his class whose parents were gone, and the orphan grew up with his aunt, who had many children at home and could not take care of him.

And then that little kid every day to school, the hands are frozen all frostbite, rotten mess, the child’s learning is not good, the situation is very bad. My mother’s solution is. My mother took care of this child, like a mother, knitted gloves for the child, and then gave him clothes to wear, and then brought him home to eat, so.

The child’s psychological growth was very healthy, and later grew up to become a publisher’s art editor, with my mother maintained a good relationship for life. So as a teacher, we should never emphasize the influence of family background on a child.

This subconscious influence will make the child feel so much pressure that he may give up the opportunity to get better even if he has the chance to do so.

Because if he gets better, he won’t be what you call a single parent, and a single parent gives him a good excuse, you know when people are in adolescence.

It’s easy to make excuses. Because he has not developed a system of independent self-esteem. So once he encounters some excuse, he says I can’t, I’m worried about my family, so I can’t do well, he is going in that direction.

Because learning is, after all, something that requires quite a bit of perseverance. The only thing we can do is to give this child more love. Let this child feel loved, let this child feel like there is a home. It is not necessarily necessary for a child to have a sense of family to be with his or her parents. Have you seen one.

Sandra Bullock acted in a movie a black boy grew tall and strong, a particularly large black boy, academic performance is zero. It is very bad, in school all day long was teased, the boy’s family domestic violence is very serious. Then Sandra Bullock was his. The teacher, the teacher took this, so dangerous a child, so tall a black boy to come home, and then give him a sense of family.

Finally found that this child has a course what is it? As soon as danger occurs, his first time to jump to protect others. Then the teacher found that you are a special talent, you are so good at protecting things, so he sent him to play rugby.

He protected the ball on the rugby ball, protecting his teammates especially well, because the block is particularly large, and then became one of the most famous American rugby stars. This is a real-life event that changed. It’s when a kid finds a home, finds a sense of belonging, finds someone to care for him, even if that love doesn’t come from his parents.

It comes from one of his elementary school teachers, from one of his neighbors, and he still lives a happy life.

Me. I’m taking this issue. I also want to appeal to others of us who are doing it. The truth is that all of us have access to kids like this. Right, we. Can do something about it. Let’s not just complain, let’s not just lament, let’s just tell your child, look how pathetic he is, right?

Let you see how happy you are. It’s not that we don’t just live in a little home like this. We have to give them some care and love as much as we can. It’s the kindness of a stranger that may have the potential to change that child’s life.

We can do what we can to treat them with compassionate goodness. Thank you so much. Thank you. Read a book to brighten your life.

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