How to make children love sports

Me. I ask a small question, that is. My child is a boy, is six years old, and then he is very weak but not willing to get me to him, before to him to discuss ah, is to enroll a lot of that sports training class well he are not too all are not willing.

How to make children love sports

How do I just let him exercise more, and then improve his physical fitness? Do you love sports?

I love sports, and his mother? His body is not too convenient now can not quite take him to sports you you take him to sports said unhappy. Happy happy that more take him to play is good, is my work is not transferred to this side, in addition to the weekend can be with him in a piece.

Busy dad can also be a good dad, yes I think I’m still a good dad. This is the name of a book. The name of a book is called Busy Dads Can Be Good Dads. So you can come here to ask questions specifically for him, I think it is very responsible well?

And then you have to go back every weekend. Create prime time. Although busy dads don’t spend a lot of time with their kids, you want them to remember the time they spend with you, which is called creating prime time.

Then you have to play more with him something that only boys can play, something that only men can play. This adds those masculine qualities to him. Otherwise, there are women all around.

Grandmother ah, mother ah, aunt ah, what are all are all women, so let her feel the male and then the movement thing it is to give her more encouragement. Children have no other, children have positive feedback will be willing to exercise.

Children are actually quite afraid of frustration. On doing one thing, frustrated, frustrated and not fun not fun. You see my son playing ping pong, at first with me, then he was not playing well, he said angry that he did not want to play.

The result was that after practicing for a while, he recently got better and better at playing.

Now the level is quite high, and can sometimes win me a few balls occasionally, that day in particular. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

I said, “I remember not playing peace ball? At that time I almost didn’t want to play table tennis, just how sorry I would have been if I hadn’t played then. It’s that the child will, he will feel this joy of learning, so you have to nurture the child more.

The positive feedback, when he performs well, encourage him, affirm him, give him some chance to win. Slowly he will be interested in some sports. Do not go to magnify his dislike of sports this thing is because the body is poorer this half year’s been in.

Want to come back after it has not been on. Oh. If the child’s body is still relatively poor, then you can not just let him exercise, you have to listen to the doctor’s ah, wait until he recovers almost slowly. You should not be anxious about this.

If parents are anxious about this, the child will be sensitive to it, and then it will be more difficult for him to change. Exercise itself is a happy thing, and exercising with children is a happy thing, so it should be driven by happiness, not by anxiety, pain, and yelling. Right, come read and light up your life.

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