How to make children pay attention in class

Hello, Mr. Pan, I have a question, I am a mother of a child, my child, 19 years old, finished it, the class is not concentrated.

How to make children pay attention in class

What method can I use to teach my child?

If you can concentrate in class, will either of you be mean to your child? In his homework, or what to do, he is afraid of bad temper, this is the reason it. A child can not pay attention in class or write homework attention is because.

Someone inside the family always distract him, my son is taller, because now is nine years old. One meter five, he from the first grade to the third grade, now always in the last row to sit, I went to school when also in the last row to sit.

although I am very short. But because I always talk, our teacher dropped me to sit in the last row, but I listened to the class or quite serious. So this does not matter much, the core lies in his relationship with his parents, that is, if his parents cause him a particularly strange pressure.

When you think about studying, you will worry, you will be afraid, you will be afraid of being scolded, feel very nervous, then he certainly will not concentrate on studying. I taught a class called Be Kind to Your Child, that is, he specifically just talked about how parents should be, not as a piggyback for their children.

Ah, should be the child’s god helper ah. If you are learning to drive when your husband is sitting next to you. Say quick look at the headlights right, the color box brakes are about to hit the slowdown deceleration right, a strong so say will help you drive a good car?

Not that day is not that news? The woman put the gas pedal as the brake a fall stepped over and directly dislike out. He later came out to say that the husband seems to have been shouting.

The husband shouted wildly, so scared that he stepped directly on the wrong, right? So when we have a person next to us constantly criticizing us, constantly criticizing us.

It does not help us to do a thing better at all.

Many parents are criticizing their children, what do they say most often? Say. Have I ever told you that? How many times have I told you? The meaning behind this statement is, this is not my fault, this is your fault. We’re splitting the blame with our kids, you know?

It’s that we don’t want to take responsibility for things. Our problem causes him not to do this homework because he can’t do his homework, and this seems too serious in your family, why?

Because he was scolded as a child and was afraid. So when this tragedy comes up again on this scene and another kid won’t do his homework, you guys immediately jump in and say, it’s not my fault. Off you.

Then the process of constantly scolding the child is in the process of constantly shifting the blame. This time leads to the child nervous, fear, but distracted, more poor learning. In fact, if you and your husband can be a little more relaxed, a little more humorous.

Take out more energy to make children feel that learning science is interesting, learning literature is interesting by the ancient poetry is very interesting. Then you will find that you are very relaxed, you do not have to worry about him.

This child will run all the way and learn all kinds of things that should be learned. We now many families on this scene, is to take the whip to beat, not to learn and again and again not to learn another whip, who wants to be a slave ah.

Do study hard not to resist is strange. This large number of people is rebellious, so he is distracted, or how, this is his subconscious in the rebellion against this thing. So in the end.

It is the parents help to help.

The last time this program was recorded, there was a student who was a girl and asked, “I graduated from a very good university, a very famous school of 985. But after I graduated, I don’t want to do anything else except play games.

I asked him why, he said that when I was a child, my parents forced me to do homework every day, to make me into a schoolmaster, I am very serious about learning, after learning what I want inside my mind.

When I’m done learning, I’ll never learn again. He said, I am also very painful, I do not know why, do not know why their hearts in fact the core reason is the inner motivation was extinguished.

We have to be able to understand for ourselves whether he can grow up to be an intrinsically motivated child. I speak about education, there must be about a dozen or 20 books, you are the best toy for your child, how to develop the child’s social skills.

It’s not the child’s fault for being rebellious, and I wrote my own book called Reading Children’s Hearts, which tells us at its core how to ignite the inner motivation of the child. Right? Thank you, thank you all. Good reading lights up life.

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