How to talk to our children about “death”

Mr. Tang, I have a question, um. Uh, it’s like this, is that two days ago I talked to my son well. I said, “Chen Chen, when you grow up, can you buy me a, buy a villa, I think I want to raise flowers and fish. Then he said yes, and then he cried, I asked him why you cry ah?

How to talk to our children about “death”

He said, I want to live with you forever.

I’m afraid you’ll die, so. I think this is the issue of life and death, I think I am a novice, I do not know how to talk to him. You just said to raise flowers and fish, and he thought you were going to die, right? Maybe it’s because it’s related to something that happened last year, because last October, my own father passed away suddenly.

Uh, he was five years old, there may not be too much influence on this impact on the right. This is a very important topic, how to discuss life and death with children. There are many books that discuss this kind of issue.

You talk about the best goodbyes like we did, right? Is that what this is? There’s also something about a death class at Yale. There’s also a book for kids called Blue Sky.

The psychologist has a suggestion that the best analogy for teaching children about death is to look at a big tree. Let him look at a big tree, you let him know that this tree has growth.

There are flowers and fruits, and then in the fall, the leaves will fall, and the fall of the leaves is actually equivalent to death. But the fallen leaves come back to nourish the roots and make the tree grow better, and this is the process of the endless cycle of life.

So let children understand that death is actually a part of life, I am taking advantage of the Qingming Festival to do this death education for my son. It is the Qingming Festival walking on the road that many people burn paper? At every intersection, there are many people burning paper, and then my son didn’t understand and said, “Dad, what are they doing?

I said they are communicating with the person who died.

They are communicating with the dead person in this way, hoping that the dead person will receive their love. The message and care then later there was a discussion about something discussed and said. After many years later, ha this.

What happens if mom and dad go away? He said, I will burn paper for you guys. Then I, I wait for you guys to come back. He was so touching. That is, children love their parents very much. Even if the parents beat their children, children love their parents, this is true, children are particularly special.

Love for children, love for parents is truly unconditional. Children love their parents far more than parents love their children. You think you have been good to your children and have poured out your heart, but in fact that love that your children have for you is engraved in their bones.

Because no matter how bad you are, no matter how bad you are he is he will love. You. You can also watch that movie with him called the dream of a trip around the world? That Xu dream of travel is actually a very good death education, is actually the connection between the family, the heart of nostalgia.

In the end, you do not necessarily know that Wang Lingjie must exist, but the nostalgia in your heart for the departed is useful. You want to talk to the teacher, I’m not saying not to ask that one bother. They are really not in, otherwise from this FUF’s said is Birese with crover family is this certain. Very not in?

In look for no.

sincinglondonlifemechoolofthis I master thefamilytogather. and parents should never be alarmed when their children ask such questions.

Because the child’s attention span is short, he after a five minutes he ran to play Marvel, he’s going to see something else to go, so you’ll be just fine, do not worry too much.

Thank you. In fact, this is the same as that sex education, the child asks a sex education question, the parents are nervous, but in fact, the child asked the question and then forget about it, and play something else to go.

Well thanks ha thanks thanks for reading to brighten up your life.

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