I was anxious about what my son was doing

Hello, Mr. Chen. I have a question that I am here today with my child.

I was anxious about what my son was doing

he is in the second year of junior high school this year I called him in the morning and made an appointment with him.

I said we are going out at 7:30. Then temporarily I said I had to leave early and felt particularly unhappy because he was playing a game at that time. And then it is particularly reluctant, and then, he sat in the subway on the station I, I reminded him that he has been playing with the phone.

And then this is also I I confused a problem, that is. After the scolding will blame themselves, then I will be for this thing will. The mood swings will be particularly large, then I want to ask me, I this time I should have a good state to cater to him now.

Give me feedback out of this state to, give him the microphone to me, I talked to him. You do you do you do you do what is your name? My name is Jin Zhijun. Jin Zhijun, ah, right how old is it? Uh. Fourteen you’re not in class today I because that’s what I my mom said is.

This side should be more than those learned in school can in can in books can learn some of this. So do you think you got something out of listening to half a day? Here it is. I think on the growth and some of the problems to face in the future, should be a little help or something wow, you see. Say, put up.

Just when you spoke just blocked him. You know, right. I imagine that the person behind it should be doing, that then holding the phone? Hate this person, pull off. As a result, you blinked away and found so well behaved, a child so understanding so so obedient. You are too scared, too anxious, right?

So the louder the person is in the house, the less authority he has.

The louder and more frantic the person is, the less authority he has, because the only way he can gain a little influence is by being frantic and shouting, which is very poor.

You like me, I corrected my son, I would take him for a walk in the neighborhood, I asked him, I said: Doodle, look, why do some trees grow straight, some trees grow curved?

He said, because the tree that grows straight has been pruned, and the one that grows curved, no one pruned. I said, yes, I said, then you know why Daddy sometimes corrects some of your behavior? He said, you’re pruning me right, that’s it.

Well, that’s how you use a simple analogy to get the child to understand that I’m actually helping you to grow straight? Right? To get better. So children are actually very reasonable.

A large number of children know more about reason than adults, but many adults have a lot of wrong behavior, a lot of very strange subconscious hurt that he does not know.

So, children are much more reasonable and much better communicators than we adults are, right. Okay?

The way of communication is very important, adults often, do not notice the state of the child.

but very subjective judgment and make some moves, but hurt the child, especially in the youth of the child, their minds are very sensitive, we need to communicate with the heart, like a friend, rather than to blame or preach,Thank you teacher, reading lights up life.

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