Is a full-time wife able to take care of children

I have a question like this, a full time wife can be better at home with my children’s development, but then there is no financial resources. But there are problems when I go out to work, then I can’t put my best to be with my children.

Is a full-time wife able to take care of children

so now I just want you to give some advice for example.

Uh, so that you can balance the whole thing a little bit, you will reach a better state. What is your current state? Surrogacy. I’m not pregnant yet, I’m not pregnant yet, because I’m sure I’m facing this problem, and I’m torn. What about your job?

Now I work, now I am a beauty instructor. If you have a baby, you think you can no longer do this job, because we will be faced with some of these problems of travel. Okay, thank you.

Please sit down. Scheidel Sandberg wrote a book called One Step Forward. We talked about this book, and there was a point in that book that struck me. He said that it’s insulting to women that we as a society always ask women how do you balance work and life, but never ask men.

It’s when you ask a woman and say, ugh, how do you balance your work and life? You should just ask him and say, you go ask your husband, ask those men to go flat good work and and life, we have a long history of this role set for women, so that a large number of women have prematurely withdrawn from the workplace.

But in fact, now the world’s labor shortage, and a large number of women with the same education as men, we elementary school secondary school, college have gone to the same. There’s a lot of women who have the same education as men. As a result, we quit the workplace prematurely, which is actually the loss of the whole society.

It also creates a massive burden on families.

This suggestion from Tita Sandberg is saying that women are pregnant. You can work all the way up to seven months, right? Eight months is possible, right? Before taking a month or two off, rest after giving birth.

One day and you can go to work the next day. The United States does not do the month, we have to do the month, then well add another month, the Chinese add another month to do the month, and then go to work no problem then you and the child’s link.

You have to go home every night. You have to feed the baby, right? You have to talk and chat with the child, and then there is a nanny, there is an aunt responsible for taking care of this child, he said, this is no problem.

So don’t feel overly guilty, that’s the core of it. The other thing is, there are various kinds of jobs now. For example, you are now working as a beauty instructor, to go on electricity patrol, right to go around and talk to people about this and that, if you do not do this, you are at home.

You may be able to make more money. For example, you give people a remote beauty consultant. Right. For example, you write articles on beauty, right you you do a micro business of this brand can be. We can still create a lot of wealth and value from home, and my wife is busier than me with her business.

He is engaged in beauty, they do beauty salon, in the future you you pregnant can find him to cooperate, at home to help him write beauty articles or something. This is, this is a variety of opportunities. People ask me to say you you look at you.

You have your own business, why do you let your old wife go into business.

What if you both don’t take care of your family? I said he people are a person it. People are an independent person, endure, have their own desire to develop, have a dream to achieve their own value, how can you because they want someone to take care of your home. You have no right to do such a thing, right?

So if each of us can respect others enough, respect women enough, respect ourselves enough, then this is not a problem. It’s something that we can make our own choices about, and I’m planning to talk about a new book recently.

The name is mine. It’s called Being a Woman in the Workplace, which is how to find a faster path of development as a woman in the workplace? How about the so-called balance between life and work, but in fact. Men also face the same problem, right, you do not give in inside yourself, in fact, it is much simpler.

Read a book to light up your life.

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