Love on campus has many problems

Hello, sir. I have collected some questions from the students of Jiaotong University and elected some very representative questions about love? Then, I hope you can take 30 seconds to answer each question, so that falling in love in college is only an elective course and not a compulsory one.

Love on campus has many problems

So should I fall in love in college?

Yes. And what are the regrets if you don’t fall in love? A lot of regrets, like the school girl, but their own looks and qualifications are really very average, whether to go after, to. If you chase, you have a chance, but if you don’t, you don’t.

Can you briefly describe your relationship experience? This 30 seconds to say this thing can not finish, talk about the long words. I I did not have a good relationship in college, I think I fell in love when I became a teacher. In the Jiaotong University as a teacher, but the good thing is also the campus practice.

I 93 grade, my wife 96 grade, this difference is not big. But during college it, has not been serious about a sensational this. The relationship, so still a little regret, well, for the attitude of love, rather than indiscriminate and will be which can be more happy are similar. Have you heard what Chopra said?

Xiao Bo Na, Xiao Bo Na said, to get married to get married, to be single to be single, anyway, you will regret it. The same reasoning as this can be proved. Say the goddess you like has a boyfriend, do I have to continue to chase?

Expression is your right, do not get off the seat on it. I have a girlfriend in high school, now in a different place, feelings fade, now there is a female classmate in school is very good, how do I take? The first thing you need to do is to be more specific.

The first thing you need to do is to be more specific. The kid has no emotional experience, you see. Well, the ex-boyfriend out to the girl in the next college, and then dumped me, I buy guns, anger should not make a big deal of their disposition, revenge. Why bother, is to bless them and let the pair.

There is a lover at last, he said just a freshman year and then long-distance relationship has a future?

Do we have to insist? The more you hold on to the time when you can’t hold on to it, don’t hold on to it. The longer you hold on, the more painful it will then be.

Experience your life well, pain is also a life ah. The handsome male, athletic male and nerdy schoolboy are chasing me, which one should I choose?

I think I should choose the one that is better for others. And not the one that is better for you. A lot of girls fall in love are only looking at how good the boy is to himself, and do not look at the boy’s relationship with others.

In fact, the decision of the boy with your life is good is how he treats other people. This is the core. The future to go to a different place to live, knowing that graduation will have to break up, but also together?

Who has stipulated that you must break up with it not necessarily. Right, why do you have to affect the present life because of what has not happened yet.

Okay thanks San Dang senior you are thinking. I actually. People live to a certain age ha, the other day Zhang Quanling wrote inside the circle of friends others live to his age, feel that everything that happens is beautiful.

You guys mention so many problems because you are too extravagant, you all want good on good, in fact, all is wonderful. What about cheating with the school girl next door or whatever, that’s a beautiful thing, right? It’s, it’s a very interesting experience in life.

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