Once Internet-addicted teenager wants to study happily

Mr. Huang, I have a question, I am a senior in college, I was a before I went to college. The more pure is the Internet addicted teenager, not interested in reading at all.

Once Internet-addicted teenager wants to study happily

But I found that after I got to college.

The people around me have this kind of knowledge, and their insights are much more than I have to manage. So I thought at the time that I might just be at a disadvantage because I didn’t work hard enough on my reading.

So I’ve been looking for a way to read that would interest me for the past three years. But unfortunately, there is none until now, and when I pick up a book, I still find it a very boring thing. So I was wondering if you have any good suggestions or ways to make reading a hobby as a spiritual need, and how this can be achieved?

Ms. Xie. Very good. I wanted to ask, what books have you tried hard to read? The white book classics that my school pushed, I went to read, Lincoln biography, Einstein and Socrates. Other than that, there were some music books, like listening to music, and some aesthetics, like the journey of beauty, and then even one that I read, yes.

How to read a book, to what profession, you on I was a microelectronics major. Is engaged in the national chip, then you say you are a pure Internet addict, you can still get into the larger, how to get in? Because you can’t live your life without other things besides studying.

In your, for example, and classmates together with entertainment, together with out to see a movie, or how about this time I move to, may have played the game. Ah, then the time to study is still studying, to the time to study is still studying is life, only two one is studying, one is the game.

So have you reduced the time you play games now? Now have not played. Why suddenly suddenly no interest in him? It is because I feel and around this kind of people. In comparison, I think I know too little of what I know wow, at least some cordial communication, I think it is difficult to do, for example, that time.

People mention a possible such as the Redmond OS system such things.

Well at that time completely did not know, even basketball nba that time I I said who who is Kobe Bryant. I do not know much, probably so very humiliating, feel wear humiliating very humiliating. That’s how it comes, we give applause to PTU, just write.

Do, why I say give applause to Jiaotong University? It is. This program may have a lot of parents watching ah, you will be able to see the so-called Internet addicted teenagers also have the opportunity.

Right, many parents will be excessively called visual narrowing, that is, he saw my child playing the game addiction, he felt play this life play, how this child how. Then I often advise them, I said you have to be patient, because a person always mother maturity time, you see this is not the case came?

It is his parents can not control him, to the university, the result slowly do not play the game. This is also our ancient Chinese saying, especially good, called the fluffy hemp in the unconvincing self straight. That is, you grow in a horse grass, horse grass because very hard, grow very upward, a pot grass is very soft.

If the grass grows in the middle of this horse grass, you do not have to support it, it will also grow very straight. So going to a good school like Jiao Tong University is a very cost-effective thing, the same surroundings will change a person.

Then as for all the efforts you make in reading, I think it’s not in vain, the process, despite your exploration without any problems, then. How can you find the real pleasure from reading? Ha, it lies in the fact that you can’t take reading as a thing to compare with others.

This is bad, for example, you secretly have a scale in your heart.

You say I’m reading these books that those guys probably haven’t read, right, and then take them out and show them to the other girls and let everyone know that I’m the leader of my reading group, right? This is called a fixity mentality.

There are two kinds of people in this world, one is called growth mindset and the other is called fixed mindset. The fixed mindset people do all the things in their life only one purpose. I want to prove myself. Everything he does is to prove myself.

I have read so many books, I want to prove myself, I know so many things, I want to prove myself. I did a business venture, I have to prove myself, you see, what can really give you pleasure is the pleasure of seeking knowledge itself. So I suggest you go back and read a book that can make you.

Immediately reverse this idea of the book called lifelong growth ah. It’s called Manset, and it’s on my bookshelf. Have you read it? Have you read it? Can you read it? It’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of work. Of course, we can’t just pick up any book and cut it down, you see, I read Einstein’s biography after I was 40.

I only read the loose turn I just found it interesting, and he spoke to everyone, so before you find it impossible to read. Don’t be hard on yourself, just put it aside and read what you can get into. Let me give you an example.

When I was in college, I read a particularly cool book that our classmates read, called Walden Lake. That book was cool, the famous book written by Solo, and then I bought a book and read it, but never understood it.

I took the book to Beijing, and when I was about 40 years old I took it out again and read it, and suddenly I thought it was a good book.
This is the time has not come, so the pleasure of reading itself is something that needs to be discovered slowly, read for yourself. Read for pleasure, not to meet the evaluation of others. Okay? Thank you thank you haha reading lights up life.

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