What about the kids and me when my wife wants to go to the mountains to live in seclusion

Hello, I have a question, in fact, this question is my wife asked me to bring to ask ah. He has an idea, he especially aspires to live to the mountains, but he can not balance is if the future after having children。

What about the kids and me when my wife wants to go to the mountains to live in seclusion

the child’s education is on this situation, how to solve this problem?

Hahahahaha. He aspires to go to the mountains, do you aspire? I’m okay with that. I I can go into the mountains can also, the big city can also, you have not reflected on your wife why you want to go into the mountains? He may feel more pressure.

Maybe he likes to watch Li Ziqi every day, what is called Li Ziqi, is the one who specializes in cooking in the mountains of a netizen. Then the fans have more than 7 million ah, he felt especially good, then you send him to stay for a while ah, yes.

some time ago specifically he went on a section of the couple, came back and said, hey, feel really good. I feel like I want to live there, he went there specifically for 34 days. You are ready to deal with the changes that occur in your life is good.

The world is a variety of ways to live, we can not because they have not thought about this thing, or or also thought afraid to do ha, and then think that people think this thing is very strange. There is a book called Blossoms in the Mountain.

That book is very good, power generation has written a series of books, written all his life in the mountains, he is a modern man. But he lived in a place without electricity and water, he built a small hut and lived in the mountains, and then every day he had a full connection with nature.

He ate, drank and bathed in the river in front of his door. In the river, he washes the vegetables and then eats them. One episode I particularly like is that he washes his clothes in the river in winter.

Then, while washing, his feet slipped and he fell down with a bang, the old man fell down and hit the back of his head on the stone.

The fall fainted, and then the river rushed, rushed, rushed, rushed half a day to wake up, found a lot of blood, get up to go back to write diary, we are preparing every day to face the impermanence.

But this is far from enough, because sometimes the impermanence will come from behind. You always think it’s not okay to face the impermanence, the impermanence will come from behind.

So if your wife has this idea, this desire, reads Wang Wei’s poems, reads a lot, and thinks that living in seclusion in the mountains is a very beautiful thing.

Then you should accompany him to realize it, you accompany him to live in the mountains for three months. Don’t try to say we live for three days. Live for three days, I tell you, the more you live, the more you want to live.

He is very strong, he always wants to live with you, live with him for three months, he will see the mountains around his life. It is you you, you let him experience, let him feel this life in the mountains, of course, if he is really a strange one.

He lived in the mountains for three months, feel like a fish in water, they live very well, but also become a netizen, then you have to adjust your mentality. Do you stay there and have a child with him? Or is it better to switch to a different way, you stay in the city side and send him something in every week ha are possible.

You said the child’s education is even less to worry about.

Not going to school in the city may be better for the child. The child may be healthier in the future. That I know a South African photographer, when Comrade Zhao Zhongxiang do that animal world opening that platform.

This footage was taken by the South African cameraman, we invited him to Beijing to do a program with him, he has two children, with the lead, living on the prairie, that how to go to school at all can not go to school. The child, with whom to stay in a piece?

Children and leopards in a piece, that is, those leopards on the side of the child to stay, the child will hug the leopard, on the fight the leopard. Then how does culture come? Parents teach parents to teach him to read and write, to talk to him, to do what with him?

People have all kinds of different ways of growing up, and I know one. British painter, his paintings are being James stick, is that Sean Connery. The collection was collected by the Queen of England, a great painter, and then I asked him, I said why are you so creative, and he said, it’s because I lived in the jungle as a child.

My mom and dad couldn’t control me at all, I came home every day, and as soon as the window opened I jumped into the forest to play. Then I am most grateful that they never cared about me, they never beat me, not scold me, and then I was in the jungle then.

Crazy to play on very simple to learn, and then slowly found his talent for painting more and more powerful, become a great painter, so. People really have a variety of ways to survive?

But we often feel that. If we leave the city, we become deviant, it’s not the same, you can have such a wife, I think it’s your blessing. Thank you thank you. Read books to light up your life.

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