What should I do if my child is underachieving?

Hello our teacher, I have a question, I actually spend a lot of time on top of child education issues, I have listened to all the teacher about education a book, the courage to not discipline, for life.

What should I do if my child is underachieving?

Learn to specialize in discipline.

I hope to use the flipped education learning style. I want him to develop a comprehensive one, develop his physical strength, his ability in all aspects, then I want him to be a habit of life developed in the first grade?

Then he can be very self-discipline, we go to the Senate run in the morning, spend a lot of time to study on their own, I because I spent a lot of time on this comprehensive ability to develop the above, then some of the other test-taking aspects than.

Written exams ah, some study ah may be slightly behind or time is slightly less. Ugh. The society talked to me and said that he might not have achieved this level of performance, uh, in this regard, he said is to drink this Chinese education, this rigid one education, I feel is some conflict.

I don’t know if I’m just not in the right frame of mind or if this itself is what you feel is a conflict. I can tell from the tone of your question, you are still a little anxious. There are many things that you can do wrong if you make too much effort.

But the teacher will talk to me, the teacher to talk to you, you will talk with the teacher. This anxiety cannot bring help. You want an answer that says, “Teacher Van, you teach these methods, if you tell me that he is contradictory to the current test-based education, my heart will be relieved.

Because I know that my child is not doing well, this is the direction I have chosen, no. There is no answer to the question of whether the results must be poor as long as the child is raised, no.

We have seen a lot of high school students, high school students are divided into two categories, high school students of this kind of children are basically empty, but there is a class is playing to make high school students.

Many things are really doing the right words, he is very easy, there is something right, what is wrong?

It is that we can not learn a put up look. But the hand of that line holding is actually very tight. You know what? It is ah, I have learned these things, so you rely on yourself ah.

And then you knock on the side to see, and then every day to stare at every day to observe, think recently again not, I have to step up, I have to do what to do. The core is the focus of your life.

Your own life focus can not be completely on the child, you want an adult to put the focus of life on the child, the child is under a lot of pressure, this is a false foster care is not true. I believe from the bottom of my heart that patience is important.

I believe from the bottom of my heart that if a person can’t manage himself, then it’s useless to say anything. Just now you have revealed a sentence that I feel particularly worried about, that is, the first grade must help him to develop a good study habits this sentence is very wrong very wrong very wrong words.

The reason is that a large number of parents say that first grade is very important and that it is important to develop good study habits. Then two days later he will say, second grade is very important. Third grade is very important to connect with the upper grades, and fourth grade is a turning point.

He will always have this kind of talk, telling you that this recent period is very important. In fact, it’s especially trying to make an effort, but in fact, you are supposedly helping him to develop a good study habit in the process, his self-awareness has gotten destroyed. He has already started to say that you are all lying to me, and you are going to keep an eye on my study anyway.

Because the process of learning is the process of constantly making mistakes, to a certain degree of tolerance, rather than being called by the teacher to talk to the nervous death. Then what’s the difference between you and his classmates.

Aren’t you a kid too?

Right, so if you are an adult, you and his teacher can have an adult conversation. Understanding the teacher’s situation, it’s not easy, we’ll go and do it properly, right? And then there are what you can work with that you can communicate.

But when you get home, you have to tell your child that the teacher talked to me, right, mom is not worried, pretty good. What are you doing well now, what are the things you have problems with your own analysis and analysis, and then a piece of the child to participate in, so that the child becomes this manager of his life.

The most important strength of a person is from within himself. Recognize that he can manage himself. I think this analogy has always been accurate in my opinion, parents are their children’s guides in this world. The task of the tour guide is to explain the world to the child.

This is what this is what this is what this is, right? The guide also has to give the child some space for the visitor to explore, explore, see for yourself, see for yourself this time. This is the responsibility of the guide, so come, this child will be a very very happy, very exploratory tourists, but many of us parents are not doing the guide ah.

We are doing the blackboard. We, we kidnap this tourist and then let him do it his way, and later on it’s the tourist who thinks the trip is not interesting at all. Right, what college is meaningless?

He didn’t find anything interesting.

And the most important thing is not to take the child. Make assumptions and say, so what if he didn’t do this, would it be better?

There is no what if he didn’t, he already is, he already is, and that proves that this is the best he can be. So it’s important to prepare yourself beyond that book, right? Thank you, Mr. Datang.

Thank you. Read a book to light up your life.

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