What should I do if my daughter is reading inappropriate books?

Hello, I have a question, my daughter likes to read some immodest books ah. For example, when I look too scary, his father and I conspired to throw the book, and then there are other books. That is, uh, very scary and bloody and brutal books like this on the child’s values, outlook on life is not the impact?

What should I do if my daughter is reading inappropriate books?

Is not so much positive knowledge can not be obtained what?

The first thing we have to reflect on is why your child likes to read these books so much. Right? The other directions are not getting him to find enjoyment. He’s only going in this direction that’s the easiest for human nature to find stimulating.

This is something that we have to reflect on, you know, people have an anti-fragile ability in the matter of fun. What is meant by the ability to be anti-fragile is that the more you hit him, the more he bounces back.

Reading is the same, if the parents say this thing can not look too scary, how scary, right? The kid will think it’s so cool. Look, my parents are afraid to read I dare to read, so he becomes more energetic to read that thing, that’s why it is repeatedly prohibited, in fact, how about it?

Talk to him. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a good deal on a lot of the things that you need to do. My personal experience is that every child reads a lot of bad books when they are young. I’m sure you’ve read them too.

Well, yes, it is the former what, Jin Yong Gu Long, Qiong Yao that is already considered good.

Can call the name of this is good, there are many, those you simply can not say, those books have read. In fact, his influence on your outlook on life is limited, but he has an advantage, he helped me to develop a habit of reading for pleasure. It’s better than if you hadn’t gotten into the habit. I used to.

There is a not very scientific assertion ah, because these things really no one has done a systematic scientific study, I can only say that it is based on experience.

I have seen many people grow up from adolescence, read a lot of very bad books ha, but in the end, as long as he has the habit of reading. Eventually will definitely come back to the classics, the reason is that the classics of that wonderful is high level.

The low level of this kind of zone, it can not last, but the Dream of the Red Chamber will not appear in such a situation. The carrot is just read from generation to generation, and the fans will always have a reason. It is a high fun.

So the big wave of sand to the end, it must be the good things can stay, so you and your daughter in this matter if there is a conflict, you have to make a trade-off. What if his parents secretly threw away his books?

Ha ah, I hid it, pretend to press a fall, the book broke so hum. This has a much greater impact on the child than the book. He will learn from his mother, in the future, can not be taken secretly to throw away other people’s things will be good.

So the most important thing that shapes a child’s outlook on life is the behavior of the parents, not the books that make my son like to read what books?

My son has recently been reading 2001 A Space Odyssey, a classic book I recommended to him.

What I recommended to him was the letter. So, you know what the essence is? The child’s relationship with you, you recommend him not to believe, you have to reflect on why I recommend him not to believe.

Right, then after he finished 2001 A Space Odyssey, he asked me if he could buy 2011 A Space Odyssey. Can I buy 2061 and 3001 he Chen he liked this thing, he bought the full set back to see Newton biography Einstein biography of the world and he read it all.

So, the brand’s reading taste is what we guide, but mandatory is definitely not a good way to guide.

I hope you go home and read the book Key Conversations. Read that book properly and be ready to have a critical conversation with your daughter later.

Try to respect him, guide him and then your fun will slowly influence his fun for good. Thank you Van’s teacher. Read books to light up your life.

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