What should I do when my classmates and teachers misunderstand me

That is, I am always misunderstood in school, and then. Misunderstanding, and then always criticized by the teacher, I think is what is the way to avoid this misunderstanding?

What should I do when my classmates and teachers misunderstand me

It’s an example that there are things that I didn’t do.

As long as it means that I did it, and then I have no reason to explain such things. Then I can only be criticized. You know it was someone else, and you know it was someone else, but everyone thinks it was you, why? Why does everyone think you did it?

That person, he found a lot of reasons, and then said that I did it, and then the teacher also believed. And then there are many students, there are many students also a piece of proof that you did it, either or some students he felt that his evidence is very solid.

How many times a week can you be framed for that fake evidence? Lend this once or twice, sometimes not, sometimes not, sometimes a week was framed once or twice, causing you very angry. I think the main problem is not whether it is framed or not.

Because in life, misunderstanding is a part of life. Have you ever misunderstood someone? Well, there were times in your life growing up, right, when you misunderstood your mom. Or you’ll misunderstand your dad, so we know that misunderstanding is one of the things that is inevitable.

The difficulty for you is this. Why are you so angry that they misunderstood you? That’s a problem that we need to address. It’s if you look at you see, I do fannen reading ha. Do you think I want the best for everyone?

Do you think it makes sense for me to do this? Yes, there are a lot of people, but there are also a lot of people scolding me. There are a lot of people on the Internet, saying that this is to engage in this da engage in that da what cultural peddlers ah what a lot of words to say a lot of unpleasant.

I’m not just once or twice a week, I’m dozens or hundreds of times a day, right?

The problem is that if I I feel this thing like you do.
I’m aggravated, I’m in pain, I’m going to fight with them, right? Then my life will become a daily battle. Those people may not be bad people, those people may think they are particularly righteous people, but it is a misunderstanding carried away.

So do I still do this important thing? Do I still do this good thing? Right? So if you wish to pass. Where you can input a suggestion to you so that you can not be misunderstood by others, you will definitely be disappointed, because the world misunderstanding is certain, you will come to 80 years old, and there will be people misunderstanding.

Right, that’s a certainty. So what is it that we have to learn? Is that when I am misunderstood by someone, can I smile and say, hey, it’s not me who got it wrong? But you want to punish me, come on, I punished for him, today count my bad luck. Can this is called a little bit of havoc gas a thousand miles, fast planting wind.

The feeling of aggravation is very normal, everyone will have aggravation, but I will not because of this aggravation. And hurt themselves or hurt others. So you know now, after being misunderstood, you have to learn to laugh a little.

Then you will tell yourself that you are misunderstood again, right? Write down the 214th time in your life that you were misunderstood. Save it as material to write a novel in the future, right?

So this is the first and second is the wealth. We speak from the technical level. How about being able to reduce the chances of being misunderstood by others? You need to communicate more with others. There is a book called Reproducible Leadership Ha. That book you may not have listened well to talk about leadership.

There is a test window called communication, on each of us live in these four windows, they know what others know, to be open, to believe. The one you know that others don’t know is called the privacy quadrant, and the one you don’t know but others know is called the blind spot quadrant.

What is not known is called potential, believe.

In the process of life development, everyone has to keep reducing the privacy quadrant, reduce the blind spot quadrant, and let the public quadrant keep enlarging. When your public quadrant is particularly large, everyone understands and you know you, there will be less misunderstanding.

So we have to find ways to communicate more with others and make more friends, and the most effective way here is to give more secondary feedback to others, a move that no other kid would do. If you will, I reckon you’ll be a big captain. Is that you have to.

Do more secondary feedback with others. All children have a habit of picking faults, you see you this is not right, you see you that is not right. Because they are the easiest to be picked on by others, they quickly learn to pick faults.

But if there is a child as old as you, you suddenly learn to find the good in others, you are invaluable. You would say, “Wow, teacher, you did a really good job of talking about this today. Although the teacher did not understand anything else, but the point is clear, you say to him teacher, you know really understand, especially good.

You have to affirm the teacher, you have to affirm your classmates, affirm those children you do not like much. That’s when they will like your sister more and more, I because I am small, I also like you so small over.

It is particularly hard to be aggrieved when you are young.

The small pier hit the wall, right? Just that kind. Other people a force ah angry me la. You people do not understand me. But I didn’t have the opportunity to ask questions like this, and no one could give me such answers, so I read the Analects of Confucius in my twenties and slowly understood.

So if you have the opportunity to read the Analects and understand the truth earlier, you’ll be different from other kids, right? That is.
This method is first of all to maintain an optimistic mood, and then is to communicate more and then more appreciation of others.

Well, thank you. Summed up very well reading to light up life.

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