what should we do when 5-year-old son fell in love with watching indecent videos

Fan teacher, I have a question, my son is five years old, and then once unintentionally I saw him watching indecent videos on his phone.

what should we do when 5-year-old son fell in love with watching indecent videos

Then I talked to him also you sure it’s not your husband’s phone, it’s my friend or my phone, and then I was him and his sister sister is remind him five years old they both look together.

Then that after watching it, I was I found out, I told him about this video, anyway, have watched, but I let them talk about the idea of them watching, they feel particularly shy, but also described the plot with me. Especially amusing, and then I told them, I said this.

This look has been watched, but this mom to tell you about you are still young. That grow up, not only can look, but also can do such things, which said a little blunt, they finished communicating, they said not to see not to see, and then a few days later it?

I found playing one again and watching, then I definitely think the child so small. Look at this, there must be a certain psychological impact on him. So now I don’t know how to do it, Mr. Fa, you give a solution. I really have not encountered this. First of all, I have never met a five-year-old.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a five year old who would be so interested and then find so many resources. How do you do that? Uh, I think you can consult some child psychologist, that is, find some child psychologist, because this is a particularly special case.

I can’t make up my mind, that you can also find such resources, remotely you can ask right ask. Of course, as a parent there is a general principle that parents should not overstate these things. Yes, I also parents do not have a heavy heart, the matter becomes particularly serious, particularly scary.

In this case, it may cause a psychological distortion to it. If he grows up and is not interested, that’s even worse, right? Then you can do is probably to give him more interest in other things. Something, because after all, only five years old, there are still many things to learn.

Practice taekwondo ah, go to learn a piano ah, learn some of this climbing na these physical things, if to distract his attention to solve a other chant.

Oh well, what else do I have the day before yesterday ah. I picked up my daughter from school, or see the parents, he will be on me just do not care, he ran to the parents, this week this teacher said.

I said, then you go, then you go as fast as you can, and then just yelled at the child, and then the child gave a scare out. Just ask, my daughter, I said you are afraid afraid of him. Especially afraid of him. He not only today especially fierce he today also with our classmates threw school bags, but also pointed at our classmates, and then the child cried after, he pointed at the child said.

The first set, if we encounter such a teacher, how should we parents communicate with the teacher? This we have encountered, that is, we have encountered in life, many schools will appear such teachers teaching, the township chief.

So from the teacher’s side to get feedback from parents and students should also be, we all go together to talk to the principal. Because a lot of facts are cited.

Here to talk about the facts of the matter is very important, is that we say b, c ah you a to a person’s opinion, you can not come up to speak that this teacher is irresponsible. This teacher is too bad temper. This is all opinion.

When you open your mouth to say a whole lot of views, no matter what, the teacher and the principal’s side will first protect themselves. So you have to learn this skill of speaking, you list the facts.

For example, the other day I saw him throwing a book bag at a classmate, throwing a classmate’s book bag out the window, right?

I’m worried about what it might affect and also tied to the other person’s interests. It’s also not good for the birth of your school. Also in case there is a kind of big event, the child is frightened, out of a kind of danger, which may you can not afford this responsibility, this time let the principal and class teacher pay attention to this matter, and then to solve.

There are many teachers who are really not very good at controlling their emotions. So we need to fight for the rights of parents through this critical dialogue method, but do not use.

That kind of quarrelsome way. The way to make a scene, the way to pull a banner that does not work, because using this kind of excessive way to deal with the problem, will cause more impact on the child, is the child is learning from you to deal with the problem.

Learn to learn, found that the trouble works, that the child later grows up, he will also use the trouble method to solve the problem, to use the communication method to discuss calmly. Because I tried to find the class teacher that day to communicate, the class teacher said. But men are particularly poor also he said yes?

Is it that serious? That teacher is not that serious, right, it is because you never said did not say enough facts, then. Our protection of the child it is to explain this emotion to the child, is to let the child understand that he his temper so big, he lost his temper is his fault, and not your fault.

Because children are often easily scolded by teachers, he will feel like a bad boy later. He thinks it’s my fault, and then he will, his actions will be deformed, so we must first protect the child, that is, the teacher lost his temper, the teacher lost control, that is the teacher is not right.

That’s his problem, right, not your problem.

You don’t have to, you don’t have to feel particularly guilty. What do you have to be aware of when you communicate with this temper tantrum? What are some ways you can protect yourself from him.
Just can we had an art teacher when we were in school.

And I was educated by him. I took this pen in the classroom, from that table grunt grunt grunt roll down, hey, I think it’s funny, I’ll pick it up, roll it again, grunt grunt roll down, a board eraser on smashing over. Iron plate wipe, iron plate wipe directly on my table, the table smashed a pit, from my head bounced over.

I was scared silly, I still remember that our teacher child’s ability to adapt is very strong. Just in the class encounter such a fierce fried psychopath, people can still make fun of him, the most fear is that the child’s own heart is hurt.

This one is. If you are concerned about it, you must help your child to solve the right. So take this opportunity to teach your child how to deal with those with bad tempers. It’s actually a good way to do that. Right? Thanks a lot thanks. Read books to light up your life.

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