What to do if parents do not agree with themselves on the education of their children

Hello Mr. Han, I have a question. It’s about, uh, our consumerism in life.

What to do if parents do not agree with themselves on the education of their children

And some of the philosophy of educating children, with our parents.

There is a big difference, for example, in the life, that I would think that. I would like to pay someone to help me with this cleaning, housework, and then, I put more time uh, set aside for me to do.

I think I prefer to do things that are more meaningful. But my parents would think that you’re not right, that is, lazy. And wasteful. Then there’s the issue of taking care of the kids, in terms of taking care of the kids, that I would think that if I say food, clothing, housing and transportation.

I can slowly exercise the child and let him do it himself. The first time he did not do well, the second time he will know, but parents will think that you can not even take care of your children’s food, clothing, shelter and transport, how can you be a qualified parent?

Especially this they are the parents, the elders, I just find it hard to communicate, so I would like to ask Mr. Fan for some advice. Whose parents are they? Is it your parents, or is it still your husband’s parents? How painful is this for your parents?

Uh, uh, they would forbid me to invite my aunt. And then that he said, if you don’t want to clean, then I’ll clean, then you let them clean, and I kind of can’t bear the thought of them not cleaning, what do you let them do?

What do you want your parents to do? You want your parents to sit there and watch TV every day and keep watching. Or do you want to square dance and jump in circles?

He wants to clean, you don’t even give him a chance, you’re too cruel.

But he’ll be cleaning and saying, “Ugh. This kid is not doing either of these jobs, and this also pays for an aunt, he is not giving this money to me? He does not say this, he will also say something else.

So I think your problem is not this little thing, this little thing we can all hear, simply do not know a question, nothing to ask. Your problem is how you pay so much attention to this matter, this matter is not necessary to pay so much attention.

in fact, the elderly with you he has nothing to say to find something to say ah. The way they learn to talk since childhood is the way of negative energy.

The reason is that at that time, they nagged you to study, nagged you to study, nagged you to look for a job, nagged you to look for a partner, nagged you to look for a job. What are you talking about? There is nothing to nag, not cleaning you do not clean this nagging you.

So you will not clean this thing for him to solve, he still have to bother to find another to nag you. You can hardly imagine that you go home and your parents suddenly become very positive, telling you that I learned something today, there is progress, right not, he is used to it, for so many years.

So you have to get used to him, that’s how he interacts with you, that’s his way of showing love. So then, you’re happy and cheerful. Carve can 77 of the high enjoy their care for you, service, even cleaning no problem, you are happy one day, you also clean up a little bit.

Sweeping the road more than two times to hear, basically we, who have listened to sweeping the road has an impulse to clean.

So the core is, you do not pay too much attention to their nagging, it is just an atmosphere of your family. Ah, that atmosphere may be something that you miss after a number of years, so it’s not a… It’s not a painful problem.

You know what my family nags me about? Do you think I need to be fished out if I don’t lose weight? Me, I get nagged all day long is that my dad sees me and says you don’t have a job. Look, you now you don’t have a job, right, you look like this you much you much pity.

Right. You, you had a good job, you were in the university how good. And then I said, I’m better than the university now, I teach more students than the university, which university teaches so many people? Right?

My dad said that you have no support. No, no. Just one sentence to me dislike dead can not be. When my mom saw me, she said, “You’re too tired. Look how tired you are, right? You’re working so hard. I said I don’t work hard.

I said I’m more relaxed than the average working person, I’m sure. I do not work more than eight hours a day, right? You have to work hard. That’s it. You said, you said, can not nag, can not find my strengths, right?

All day long to create a good atmosphere, can not do.

That’s how a parent comes, that’s a habit he grew up with. You learn replicable leadership, you have a different mentality than our parents’ generation, and that’s when it’s possible.

Families will become more independent, but that’s the way it is now, so accept him and enjoy his randomness just fine well. Thank you so much, Mr. Fan. I was quite anxious, but now I feel I am especially happy. Reading lights up life.

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