What to do if your child is addicted to watching TV

Hello teacher, I have a question, I have an 11 year old son this year. When he was young, he loved to read a lot of books, and then he spent more time with the elderly in the family.

What to do if your child is addicted to watching TV

then slowly under their influence, he became fond of watching TV.

he became farther and farther away from books. I would like to ask if there is a way to operate to pull it back from the manipulation of the television back into the embrace of the input ha, your elderly so love to watch TV.

24 hours a day at night without turning off the children, come home to watch TV all the time, is that you can not let him live with the elderly? My dad is alone.

Gu a nanny ah, Su Daqiang are gu nanny. We actually live together. That just means that because we work with each other, the wedding will be busier. Can you talk to your dad about it? Let him, that is, the child, do not watch TV when you get home?

He said, “I’m this old, so let’s reconcile our psychology. The child may be able to become an eating side down in the future. First of all, acceptance is very important. In our lives, we have a lot of pain in our minds, often not from the pain itself, but from our imagination of the feathers.

He makes us consider and think about many things that did not happen as if they had happened. Now already thinking about what to do if the child goes to college in the future, what if the child is decrepit and also enters early retirement in the future?

In fact, this is all this is not happening. So you must first be able to put this thing and our. The process of separating the real world is called dissociation. It’s a psychological term, it’s called dissociation. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make an effort. On the one hand, we can try to do something, and on the other hand, we should not let these things make us suffer.

I see you’re in pretty good shape, this should not be very painful yet.

he’s not in no pain, but I do think it’s not good for his eyes either. Yes, but if he just really can get pleasure from the TV. That I think is the best reasonable point, you can half and half this way, he used to sell, read the book how to be able to put it down?

Is no one has discussed the new book with him. Maybe then no one has offered him a lot of new books that he wants to read, if he likes it, in fact, that buy to him to see the child is more of an imitative learning. He won’t listen to what we say, he just watches what we do. So you can take him with you to read a book.

Take him out to the, uh, Prosperity Bookstore, right. And then discuss books for him, that’s something we can do. So, set a goal for yourself and then take your child and make a plan. We make a plan to change the pace of our lives and our studies, and in addition to that, a very important part of that is outdoor sports.

Then, take your child to do outdoor sports, because you know that after more outdoor sports, his body will secrete dopamine, and that feeling is not brought by watching TV.

So he may be able to use this to reduce the symptoms of addiction to television, and also to discuss with him about the problem of addiction. We have talked about a book called Can’t Stop, which is specifically about addiction, to make children aware that you can also become addicted.

Right, watching TV can become an addiction if you watch it for a long time, so you have the power to change that.

What are you going to do to change it with your mom, to make the child the protagonist of the solution to the problem, not the third person.

You can even let him exercise with Grandpa, take him for a walk with him, or talk to him about grooming stuff so he can find that sense of accomplishment of giving Grandpa lessons.

Our family is uh, doodoo is responsible for teaching foreign languages to our nanny all day long, and as human teachers, kids’ like to teach, and then this teaching process, both he and the nanny learn something.

Right, so there are many ways. So there are many ways. To summarize, the premise is first of all not to be too miserable because it hasn’t happened yet, the bad stuff hasn’t happened yet.

And then the second thing is to make a plan and then involve the child and make the child a part of the plan, right? It’s good to take your time, thanks. At the very least, it’s good to be a TV writer and director, thank you. Read books to light up your life.

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