What to do if your child is extremely anxious and irritable

Hello Mr. Zhang, I have a question that I would like to ask you for help. My child is in 4th grade and he is now a little anxious and angry, and then has not been in school for two months. Reflecting on the reasons, you tell me how your family interacts you and your husband.

What to do if your child is extremely anxious and irritable

How do the elderly interact with him?

In fact, I I I sometimes control quite harshly, sometimes also also also also also some violence, give hit also hit him. He said, mom does not love me anymore, are not loving me, really essentially must come from the relationship between parents and children.

his father and I are single parents, and then I I I take the child and his grandmother with the child Mrs. over violence. That child is just easy. Anxiety? If you guys say he’s bad all day, criticize him all day, blame him all day, he creates this perception that he thinks he’s doing it wrong.

So, if that’s already the case, there’s really nothing wrong with giving your child a break for a while. The most important thing is to change the way you interact with him, and you need to understand how to build a loving relationship with your child.

How about making the child feel that mom is her barrier to love because he feels like dad is no longer around? And then mom is scolding me every day. If mom doesn’t love me, then what’s the point of living? Then I have no value in this life.

When he feels that life is worthless, he does not understand why he has to study, why he has to go to school? There is no value in going to school, for whom? Right? So you must first establish a loving connection with him, and after establishing this loving connection, then slowly lead him to explore the world.

The world shows him the benefits of learning knowledge, let him listen to it, listen to some, similar to scoring to turn. Similar to Einstein biography Eros Masque biography, Su Dongpo biography of this kind of such books to let him feel knowledge.

There is a culture of the kind of good, and then gradually take him out, the child off school for six months, a year is not a big deal. Don’t ever think that after a year off from school, what should we do in the future, right, it doesn’t matter.

There are many children who travel around the world.

There are many children who take their children around the world to play for a year. Then you talk to your child about it and say that there might be something wrong with our interaction before. Then mom decides to change it, right?

Let’s take this opportunity to rest. And then we learn, we work together to figure out a better way to interact to take those books that we talked about on how to interact with your child and listen to them well.

Take the family and listen to it, because grandparents are sometimes too violent. Now some families we used to say that grandparents spoil the children, and now many violent family is grandparents. It is especially fierce kind, because grandparents sometimes do not have enough energy.

this time is most likely to be cranky, most likely to lose their temper, it will become very fierce, so you can put a little more effort in the child. Children are in need of encouragement, if you keep going to criticize him and blame her, if the resistance is not enough, it will only lead to worse results, and may even be depressed.

In fact, sometimes children just need encouragement from their families and teachers, give them some positive guidance, let him feel love and security, encourage him more, affirm him, give him to establish the right direction, and slowly find a new opportunity to go to school again.

Thank you very much well thank you thank you thank you. Read books to light up your life.

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