What will the future of education and the future of schools look like

Or hello teacher. I have a question, well, I’m a teacher. It’s also a special honor to have a lot of other teachers on our team today, and I’d really like to hear you describe it.

What will the future of education and the future of schools look like

What kind of future education and future schools do you have in mind?

Thank you for giving me this opportunity haha. I was born into a family of educators. My dad was a math teacher and my mom was a language teacher, so I grew up watching them teach classes all day long, and then when I started doing it, after studying anyway, I realized that the biggest problem in China is the large number of parents.

And teachers lack the basic. This training of pedagogical principles. Then so everyone treats a child’s growth as a simple mechanical structure, in piecing together the world there are two kinds of learning.

One kind of learning is called complex science, one kind of learning is called simple science, simple science is like building a car, people can be pieced together, so math, language, English, politics. Jump rope, right?

Just put it all together, but people are a complex system. You don’t know which words turn the child into a different person, you can’t control it. So some kids who learn math and language very well end up being bad people.

Or become a person with psychological problems, causing great trouble to society. That’s why our family thought about how we could introduce a complex system of teaching to. Raising every child, and then found that we have talked about the book Complexity, is complex.

This book tells us that all complex forms. It’s all driven by the simplest rules, just like human evolution is genetic variation selection. Just these three, so I was thinking about this simplicity of man. What exactly is this three-line code?

The last thing I found is my personal feelings ha, first of all, this child should have a firm, unconditional love in his heart. Secondly, the child should have a sense of value, he should know that he is a person who can create value for himself and others, a person who is useful to society, and the third is lifelong growth.

That is, he can know that difficulties and setbacks are opportunities for his own growth.

If these three things are built up, you will find that when you encounter any difficulties, any problems, the child can work on their own to. How can we get a large number of parents to understand this? Is that what we do book club?

What about the future of education? I think there is a direction? He will shift from school to home, because the proportion of school education will become smaller and smaller, because people are lifelong learning.

We used to think that learning to graduate from high school is almost able to work, learning to graduate from college is already a very high diploma, but now you find that the implementation of students out of college employment group.

That is, basically you your unit to a college graduate, you will think the child stupid it? What will not? Slowly teach it, and then the education of students will become a one-to-one form, rather than a pair of more, is now every student.

All can. There is an a. i artificial intelligence to do the questions will give you feedback, my son is now learning these things, is that he followed that to learn OU, than he followed the teacher to learn OU much faster.

Then in the same class, different students can have completely different progress, so what is the task of the school? School becomes a place of inspiration and play. The school teacher is to set tasks, you go to complete, to learn, and then interested groups form a group, we all explore together and learn together, who is ready?

Go take the high school entrance exam.

It is possible to say in the sixth grade that you want to take the college entrance exam, I went to ah. It will become to let each child’s potential to get ahead.

This release and outbreak of human intelligence is originally every 100 years will be about a ten-digit growth, human intelligence is constantly progressing. And the method of education is also progressing, so do not underestimate the potential in children.

What do you think is the face of this upcoming course? The teacher should do. Is that we should be prepared to quit, and there are really many teachers who will quit? It’s like that parking fee collection in Beijing just all got taken out.

By that roadside parking fee, that machine will be killed. Many real estate developers are now building buildings with robots to build buildings, pour pour pour horse brick circle on the hemp up, many teachers are likely to be affected.

The impact of this artificial intelligence. But good teachers are difficult to be replaced, you can hardly expect a machine to talk to you for two sentences, you suddenly have a very uplifting spirit to say that I. This machine has inspired me.

This machine makes me feel like I want to be an amazing person, right, and that’s hard. So it’s through the teacher to do that kind of work to illuminate the child’s mind.

It’s very difficult to be replaced by a machine in the short term to improve the child’s emotional intelligence, to increase the child’s communication skills, teamwork skills.

So I think there is probably more direction for teachers to learn.

To study pedagogy, study psychology. To keep up with the most cutting-edge teaching models, the most important thing is to have love, love is the most important, like the spring of the cattle class.

Right, that’s a movie that we recommended to me that all teachers watch. You see that movie and you know how valuable a teacher is as a human being? Yeah. Reading lights up life.

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